Is this Trad Jazz, or is it urban folk, or inspired improvisation?

Any keen ear will notice that it’s all of the above and more. The Hoodangers' music is informed by the tradition of the jazz art form and played by gifted and widely experienced musicians who bring a consciousness, skill and sheer energy to the music that simply takes your breath away and plasters a grin on your face that spreads from ear to ear.

Walk blindfolded into a Hoodangers gig and if you come in on the right song, (like Jelly Roll Morton's 'Black Bottom'), you could expect to open your eyes and find yourself on Bourbon Street in New Orleans. What you will see if you open your eyes is an image of sweaty abandon, six hard-working musicians laying the tunes down big and honest.

The band possesses a relentless, thumping energy. It is music that takes your breath away; wit, laughter and a great big thirst for music and life. Through it all the Hoodangers successfully draw on a rich jazz tradition, embracing it, and morphing it into something completely their own. As such, their influences are as diverse as their musical moods, from turn of the century New Orleans jazz to post 2000 genre-mix-match pop.

Since the late nineties, the Hoodangers have toured Europe three times, with dates that took in cities across Russia, Scandinavia and Switzerland, as well as Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. They've played large festivals in countries as diverse as the US, Canada, India, New Zealand and Fiji. They’ve been crowd favourites and unofficial monarchs for years at festivals all over Australia. Over their 12-year career the band has recorded five independently released records - ‘Dang On’ (1996), ‘Astronaughties’ (1998), ‘Cheep’ (2001), 'Live in Fitzroy' (2005) and their latest double album recorded in Denmark 'Stor Fisk, Lille Fisk'